New Heights Vision is to engage older youth (17-24 years of age) that are out-of-school, out-of-work and in transition.  Our vision is to be the connection between emerging workers and local businesses, strengthening the local economy by giving employers access to an untapped labor force and giving older youth a pathway to self-sufficiency and advocacy. 

The purpose for New Heights is to provide comprehensive and longitudinal: educational, career development, employment, social and work support services to older youth that are disconnected, with the objective of raising young adults from initial intake to sustainable employment. We move young adults along the continuum embedding youth development principles in all of our work and establishing a strong employee assistance program (EAP) framework into our services.  Our main purpose is to connect them to the world of work, with supports, so that they may become self-sufficient and self-advocates.  We are the place where older youth that are disconnected know they can get and become connected to the services and supports necessary to become and remain gainfully employed and connected to the world of work.  New Heights’ ultimate goal is to connect every older youth that is disconnected and walks through its doors with educational and employment opportunities.


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