Case Management & Support
* Individual Intake and assessment (Blueprint for Achievement (BFA)
* State ID
* Referrals
* Individual Clinical Counseling
* Public Benefits
* Cash assistance
* Advocacy
* Voter Registration
* Counseling
* Outreach
* Incentives: movie theater tickets, Barnes & Noble Gift cards, cash

* Educational assessment
* Literacy infused instruction
* GED, pre-GED
* Individual Tutoring
* GED Testing Advisement
* Educational Counseling
* College Advisement, application, and financial aid assistance

Career Development
* Job readiness assessment
* Career assessment
* Skills development
* Work based experiences
* Community service
* 8 hr/16 hr Security Guard Certification & State Security Guard Application
* Fire Guard
* Financial Literacy
* Credentials: Work Readiness, Customer Service

* Job Referral
* Job Placement
* Job matching
* Retention
* Work Supports

* I-Reach
* Worker Advancement Through Technology
* New Heights Stipend
* GED Circle
* New Heights Diamonds In The Rough
DR Community Service Project
* Jobs Conexion
* Careers Explorers

New Heights Initiatives with Partners
* New Heights/Armory Guides – In partnership with The Amory
* Community Education Pathways To Success (CEPS)- In partnership with Youth Development Institute (YDI)

* Career Pathways- In partnership with Seedco
* Dominican Republic (DR) Community Service Project in partnership with Global Potential
* Workforce Advocacy & Support Initiative (WASI) in partnership with Community Service Society (CSS)

* Jobs To Build On- In partnership with Consortium For Education Workers (CWE)


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